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March 10 2012 7 10 /03 /March /2012 14:37

Diabetes is one of the leading causes behind erectile dysfunction (ED) as a man with diabetes is 3 times more likely to have ED problems than any other person.


Researchers have found that diabetic men who used  Levitra showed a statistically significant improvement compared with those who were given other ED pills. The study results presented that 60% of diabetic men experienced superior erections with Levitra compared with placebo. So, men with diabetes were able to experience successful sexual intercourse on 44% of attempts with Levitra, in comparison with only 9% of attempts with other treatments. 


With numerous ED pills on the market, do you know what makes Levitra so unique? The key to Levitra's success is that its main ingredient, Vardenafil, is more potent than Sildenafil (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis), so a smaller dosage is needed to achieve the desired effect. This is reflected in Levitra's highest dose of 20 mg outperforming the 100 mg maximum dose of Cialis. Patients report satisfying effects even from Levitra doses as small as 2.5 mg, and smaller doses translate into fewer side effects and risks.

Studies have shown that Levitra works consistently, even for men who have had little to no success using Cialis. So, Levitra is the optimal choice, as it has been shown to improve erectile function even for men with diabetes and high blood pressure.

Men who take Levitra report fewer side effects compared to other ED drugs. The most common side effects are mild and include flushing, nasal congestion, and headaches. There are no reports of Levitra impairing vision in any way, and there are no food or alcohol restrictions as with other prescription drugs. This makes Levitra a subtle and convenient addition to your romantic evening.

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Published by Dr Mark - in ED Pills
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Levitra 04/29/2015 08:59

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