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November 27 2011 1 27 /11 /November /2011 10:25

Average size of penis can be increased, though there are several people who have the exact negative idea on this aspect. From ancient times, several methods are being used in different civilization to increase penile size. Size matters as far as the intensity of those intimate moments are concerned. With the advancement of medical science, now the market is flooded with several pills, oils, pumps and creams that claim to increase the average size of penis. Some of them perform according to their claims while a significant portion of these medications fail in this direction.

We'll discuss some of the methods known, so you can use them as a guideline during decision making because sometimes lack of knowledge hinders or disturbs the decision making process.

Penis pumps: This have been around for a while far back since 1985, it is a special device that helps in increasing both the girth and length of the penis, as you wear the pump you have to adjust the traction so that the penis can be stretched gradually. Results are achieved almost immediately but such results are only short-term and subside after a few hours of not wearing the pump. So this method doesn’t guarantee a permanent penile size increase.

size_matters_t_shirt-p2355077907115790862qmn1_325.jpgPenis Enlargement Exercises: Exercises are one of the trusted methods in the direction of enhancing the size of penis. Most of these exercises use conditioning and strength training as a technique for penis growth. However, the response rate of different people to these exercises is different. While some claim that they have gained significantly, others report zero change.

Penis Extenders: These devices were formally used by medical experts to cure penis diseases like a curved or bent penis, but along the line they discovered that in the process most patients ended up also achieving an increase in penis size both in girth and length. These devices initially discomfort the penis for some minutes and also help the skin and tissue cells in the penis regenerate. It also helps improve performance during sexual activities and the best part is that this extenders or devices are recommended by medical experts to guarantee permanent results and are also very convenient to use.

Penis Enhancement Pills: This is the most used methods among men, but sadly most of the pills out there do not guarantee the desired results of penis enlargement, but guarantee results of an enhanced sexual performance which is also a plus. What’s the use of having a big penis and not been able to enjoy a better sexual performance, it will be so bad if you ejaculate before you can say ‘sexual performance’ sucks. This is worst than having a small penis

Penis pills are growing in popularity chart as a reliable method for male enhancement. Among the pills available in market, herbal male enlargement pills are in highest demand. This is due to the natural ingredients used in the supplement and absence of adverse side effects. These pills enhance the flow of blood to penile chambers and increase the blood absorption capacity of penile tissues. As the blood circulation to the penis during sensation is enhanced, the user can feel improvement in erection. Along with, some of the ingredients of these herbal pills increase the sperm count and marginalize the number of dead sperms. As a result, problems like lower ejaculation, shorter session and premature ejaculation are addressed in an effective manner. This is the reason behind the leading edge of penis pills, oils and creams over other enlargement methods.

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