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September 25 2011 1 25 /09 /September /2011 10:34

There isn’t anything you can’t get on the Internet anymore—and for a lot less.
As for the drugs, prescription medications can really add up, so it’s no wonder that online pharmacies have grown in popularity over the past 10 years.
Millions of people buy medications from online pharmacies, citing the convenience and lower costs of buying on the Internet. In recent years, many Americans have even turned to online pharmacies outside the U.S. to purchase expensive medications at cheaper prices. However, questions of safety and security arise, and it's difficult to determine whether the benefits of buying drugs online outweigh the risks.
When buying prescription drugs online for example, you don't consult a doctor and you run the risk of using medications that might interact with other drugs you are taking.

Anonline-shopping.jpgother fact is that not all online pharmacies are licensed, and sites appearing to operate from the United States can in fact be located in foreign countries. Most alarming are web sites selling counterfeit or expired drugs.

So if you’re going to buy drugs online, it’s very important to know exactly who you’re dealing with.

Make sure a web site is secure before entering payment information online.

Payment pages that begin with letters “https” are more secure than those that begin with “http” only (without -s).

Before placing an order online, read the privacy and security policies; be confident that your credit card number, personal health information and other personally identifiable information will be protected.

Take a couple of minutes to verify if the web site has any possibility to allow you contact their stuff. Contact their Live Chat service to see if a real person is responding to your questions.

Although building a relationship with a local pharmacist is always ideal, the online pharmacy experience can be a safe and affordable choice to purchase prescription drugs. If the proper safety steps are taken, an online pharmacy can be a great convenience for everyone and a great way to save money.

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